Craving Ice Cream in Your Apartments in Georgetown DC? Head to Ice Cream Jubilee

Ice cream is usually synonymous with joy, right? This mentality is what inspired Victoria to open Ice Cream Jubilee. With fond memories of her father and family that were centered around late-night ice-cream fixes, she started making ice cream at home in 2009 to relive those moments one bite at a time. After leaving the corporate world, she apprenticed at a pie shop and fell even more in love with culinary creations, deciding to attend an ice cream seminar at Penn State. This led to her selling her ice cream, winning local People’s Choice awards in DC, and the opening of the shop in 2013.

Since then, Ice Cream Jubilee has been a local favorite for cold treats in the summertime. At this ice cream parlor near your apartment in DC, each flavor is handcrafted with local cream and only the freshest ingredients. You can try everything from mango habanero to Snickers snickerdoodle, there’s a flavor for everyone! They also sell pints, so you can keep some in your apartment for when a craving hits, or order via DoorDash.