The Doors Are Open at Mom’s Organic Market in DC

MOM’s Organic Market opened in 1987 when then-22-year-old Scott Nash began a delivery business from his mom’s garage. In the three decades since, MOM’s has expanded to four states and DC with more than a dozen stores and over 1,000 employees working to fulfill their mission of protecting and restoring the environment with certified organic products and sustainable practices.

That mission and more make MOM’s a uniquely personable experience. They boast a long list of core values, including gratitude, self-awareness, and purposefulness. And it’s much more than just buzzwords listed on their website; MOM’s considers requests for donations or event support to environmental, organic farming and sustainable agriculture, child education, or mindfulness and meditation organizations. They also accept items like cell phones, compost, and glasses for recycling, as well as denim and holiday light recycling drives each year.

Of course, these same beliefs are emanated through their in-store inventory. MOM’s offers a variety of products, from organic versions of common items to those you may be less familiar with. Have you tried vegan honey or a CBD bath bomb? You can find just that—and so much more—at MOM’s Organic Market, located just moments from your apartment at The Residences at Eastern Market.