Lincoln Park: An Escape From the Everyday Near Your Apartment in DC

You can actually see the Capitol building from Lincoln Park, which boasts the title of the largest park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Its origins date back to the very beginning of Washington, DC when its designer Pierre L’Enfant drew up plans in 1791. It was always his intention that the area now known as Lincoln Park would be a public space, and it continues to be a particularly poignant one today. Lucky for residents of The Residences at Eastern Market, the historical landmark is just moments away.

That’s because it’s named for President Abraham Lincoln—and was the first place to honor him in such a way after his untimely death. Congress named the park in 1867, and a statue of the late president was unveiled almost 10 years later. You can still see that statue today, an homage to Lincoln’s role in abolishing slavery, as well as a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune, a leader in the Civil Rights movement.