What Do You Think of the Cake Cups at Baked & Wired?

Originality is the name of the game at Baked & Wired, a family-owned bakery that’s been in business for nearly two decades. Case in point: they don’t make cupcakes. Instead, they craft “cake cups.” These treats are a little bit fancier, featuring flavors like almond orangesicle and dirty chai. Plus, they feature flat tops (more like a true mini-cake) and come carefully swaddled in parchment paper.

Of course, the creative cake cups represent just a small portion of the menu at Baked & Wired. The kitchen churns out pies, full-sized cakes, and tons of other goodies all day long, from cookies to granola. Stop in to peruse the selection, grab a cup of artisan coffee, and even enjoy some breakfast—maybe in the form of one of Baked & Wired’s signature doughnut muffins. Be sure to order a few treats to take back to your luxury apartment in DC!