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Get Cozy in Your Capitol Hill Apartment to Read These New Year’s Resolution Tips

Making a New Year’s resolution is easy—sticking to it is a whole lot harder! But with a little...

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Craving Something Unique, The Residences at Eastern Market? Try ABC Pony!

Who doesn’t love trying out a new restaurant? If you haven’t been to ABC Pony yet, you have to...

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Staring Tomorrow Near Your Apartment in Washington DC: The 2020 Washington Auto Show!

Car lovers at The Residences at Eastern Market, rejoice! The 2020 Washington Auto Show is almost...

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Capitol Hill Arts Workshop: A Place for Creativity Near Your Luxury Apartment in DC!

If you’re looking for a spot to ignite your creativity and meet other people who live near your...

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Billy Reid: Where Southern Hospitality Meets Luxury Shopping Near The Residences at Eastern Market

For serious interior design inspiration, chic clothing and incredible customer service, Billy...

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Enjoy a Taste of American-Vietnamese Fusion Fare at Emilie’s, Not Far From Your Capitol Hill Apartment

If you’re looking for your next special occasion spot near The Residences at Eastern Market,...

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