29Rooms Promises an ‘Expand-Your-Reality’ Experience Near Your Washington DC Apartment

29Rooms isn’t exactly virtual reality. What you’re experiencing is real and tangible. But it will stretch the boundaries of your imagination—which is why it’s considered an “expand-your-reality experience.” Designed by the team at Refinery29, it consists of 29 rooms, each housing an exhibit that invites you to interact, watch a performance, or simply stare in awe.

29Rooms has set up shop in Washington, D.C. for a limited time only, from today through October 27th, and tickets for certain days are already starting to sell out. So round up some of your friends from The Residences at Eastern Market and snag your tickets ASAP ($29+), then make sure you show up promptly for your chosen time slot. You won’t want to miss out, because you’ll never again see rooms like “A Conversation With Your Inner Child,” plastered with sticky notes written by guests to their former selves, or “Dream Doorways,” a disjointed conglomeration of lights, colors, and unique thresholds.