Shop Artisan-Made Gifts at Steadfast Supply

If you love supporting small business, Steadfast Supply is a fun boutique located in The Yards that must be on your radar. This eclectic little gift shop near your apartment in downtown DC boasts a wide variety of gift items and trinkets crafted by artisans and makers from across the United States. The boutique welcomes you with floor-to-ceiling windows and tons of natural light, perfect for browsing all the corners full of unique wares. Here, you can browse everything from handmade jewelry and fun throw pillows to small-batch hot sauce and flavored apple cider vinegars.

Steadfast Supply’s goal is to serve as an incubator for up-and-coming entrepreneurs searching for the perfect platform to get the word out about their passion products, and it’s been quite successful in doing just that for local DC vendors and beyond. On the website, you’ll find a full list of the brands currently in store, allowing you do a little research on who you’re supporting with your purchase.