Coming to DC on Aug. 3: The Water Lantern Festival

What message are you going to send out onto National Harbor during this year’s Water Lantern Festival? Maybe a message to a lost loved one, or a secret wish for your future. The Water Lantern Festival is so much more than an outdoor celebration with a beautiful lighted spectacle on the Harbor. Many folks use this opportunity to write something meaningful and special on their lantern, and it’s a peaceful evening that can be as emotional as it is celebratory. 

Get your tickets now for the festival – the earlier you act, the lower the price of admission. Your ticket includes access to the festival complete with food trucks and music, your own lantern and marker to make your designs, and a commemorative drawstring bag to take home. And environmentally-conscious attendees can breathe easy knowing that the lanterns are 100% eco-friendly and are all cleaned up immediately following the festivities. The Water Lantern Festival is also a proud supporter of Visit the website to purchase tickets, and be sure to look for the discount code for an instant $2 off.